Kuningan City apartment for sale

Kuningan city apartment for sale

Kuningan city apartment for sale  type 1 bedroom 1 bathroom , size 48 sqm , condition with furnished , price list / harga jual Rp 2,1 miliar.

Contact : edyzen 0811192961 or 087881531238

Address / location apartment : jl prof dr Satrio kav 18 jakarta selatan . Dekat kawasan bisnis district mega kuningan , ITC kuningan , ambassador mal , OCBC .

Jumlah tower apartment : 2 ( Tower Kintamani dan Ubud )

Integrated dengan AXA office building  dan shopping mal.

Fasilitas apartment : outdoor swimming pool , fitness center , children playground , gazebo , tennis court , basket field , multi function room , etc.



Kuningan City apartment rent jakarta

Kuningan city apartment rent Jakarta

Kuningan city apartment rent Jakarta / Denpasar residence , 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms , size 134 m2 with big oval balcony , located in tower kintamani , rental price is USD$ 2500 per month. Condition fully furnished.

To viewing this unit apartment please contact edyzen [at] propertypilihan [dot] com or phone : 087881531238

Location apartment : JL prof dr Satrio kav 18kuningancity kuningan Jakarta selatan. Close to ITC kuningan , ambassador mal , OCBC tower , mega kuningan central business district , and many office building. Clik Map

Kuningan city apartment rent Jakarta and facilities

Facilities apartment : outdoor swimming pool , children playground , fitness center , tennis court , basket ball , multi function room , nice lobby , 24 hours security with CCTV systems , parking building.

This apartment connecting with shopping mal ,cafes, restaurants ,  and AXA office tower .

Developer : Agung Podomoro Group

Number of towers apartment : 2 ( tower Ubud and Kintamani )

Lease kuningan city apartment jakarta

For lease kuningan city apartment jakarta

For lease kuningan city apartment jakarta : size 87 sqm , 2 bedrooms and maid room , living , dining room , condition unit fully furnished , rental price / harga sewa USD$ 1800 per month. Located in tower kintamani , hook , middle floor , good view.

To see this unit please appointment by : edyzen[at]propertypilihan[dot]com or call to 087881531238.

Address this apartment / location : jl prof dr satrio kav 18 setiabudi kuningan jakarta selatan Indonesia 12940 . klik map

Developer : Agung Podomoro group

Number of tower : 2 ( tower ubud and kintamani )

Sometimes many people call Denpasar residence.

Lease kuningan city apartment jakarta and facilities

Facilities apartment : outdoor swimming pool , tennis court , children playground , fitness center , with access card you can direct access to shopping mal . Many cafes and restaurants , supermarket , etc.

IMG-20150121-WA0000 nice living room





Kuningan city rent

Kuningan city rent apartment 2 bedrooms

Kuningan city rent apartment or denpasar residence unit 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, size 72 sqm , furnished , located in tower ubud , view to mega kuningan and jl prof dr satrio , has a balcony, price is $1700 per month.

For rent unit 1 BR , 48 m2 , price USD $ 1350 / mo

Contact : edyzen(at)propertypilihan(dot)com , or handphone 0811192961

Address : jl prof dr satrio kav 18 setiabudi kuningan jakarta selatan Indonesia 12940. Clik maps

This apartment has 2 towers : ubud and kintamani. Integrated with shopping mal , AXA office tower. Facilities : outdoor swimming pool , fitness center, tennis court , garden , children playground, kid play room , barbeque area , multi function room , etc.

This video about kuningan city apartment facilities

Rent kuningan city apartment

Rent kuningan city apartment jakarta 1 bedroom

For Rent kuningan city apartment jakarta 1 bedroom size 48 sqm , price USD $1400 per month including service charge, min contract 1 year, tower ubud. Facing to north east. Condition : brand new furnished by interior design, modern minimalist style, kitchen set with grey mirror, stove, cooker hood, washing machine ( Samsung 1200 rpm front door loading), water dispenser ( Sharp bottom type), refrigerator ( Sharp 2 doors 230 liters) microwave,TV samsung LED smart TV 32″ with 3D blueray LG smart home theater, TV table and panel board, Queen size bed with Airland lated top pocketed spring mattress, built in wardrobe with full grey mirror, dressing table plus chair,2 plasmacluster air conditioners, dining table and 2 chairs, Cellini 3 seater sofa, coffee table.

Contact : edyzen(at)propertypilihan(dot)com , Handphone 0811192961

Kuningan city apartment or denpasar residence consist of 2 towers : tower ubud and kintamani.

Rent kuningan city apartment facilities and address

Swimming pool for adults and kids, children playground, Gym, sauna, steam jacuzzi, tennis court, jogging track, meeting room, luxurious lobby, mini market, laundry, security service with CCTV, free parking for residents, private access to kuningan city mall.

Address : JL prof DR Satrio kav 18 setiabudi kuningan jakarta selatan Indonesia 12940. Close to JW Marriott 5 star hotel, Ritz Carlton hotel mega kuningan, ambassador mal, sampurna strategic square, and many office buildings.

Kuningan city apartment dijual

Kuningan city apartment dijual denpasar residence

Kuningan city apartment dijual denpasar residence :

For sale 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom , di tower Ubud ,furnished ,  view to mega kuningan dan gatot subroto , harga Rp 2,8m .

Dijual 3 kamar tidur , 2 kamar mandi , tipe BA corner di Ubud , luas 132 sqm , price Rp 4,7m masih disewakan

Jual unit 1 BR di kintamani luas 59,70 m2 , sudah furnished , dijual dengan harga Rp 2,15m Sold

Contact edyzen HP 0811192961 , 087881531238

Developer : Agung podomoro group

Kuningan city apartment atau denpasar residence terdiri dari : tower Ubud dan kintamani. layout floor plan

Address / lokasi : Jl Prof DR Satrio kav 18 setiabudi kuningan jakarta selatan 12940 indonesia. maps

Dekat ke ITC carrefour kuningan , kedutaan China Denmark , sampurna strategic office tower, Ambassador mall , somerset grand citra.

Kuningan City apartment rental

Kuningan City apartment rental

Kuningan city apartment rental :

For rent 1 bedroom size 48 sqm fully furnished , located in tower Ubud Denpasar residence , price USD $1300 per month.

For lease  2 BR + 1 maid room , living and dining room , 94 sqm , price USD $ 1800 / month.

Contact : edyzen(at)propertypilihan(dot)com , or HP 087881531238

Denpasar residence consist of 2 towers apartment : Ubud and Kintamani. Integrated with AXA office tower , kuningan city mall.

Developer : Agung podomoro group

Address / location : Jl Prof Dr Satrio kav 18 setiabudi kuningan south of jakarta 12940 indonesia. Adjacent to mega kuningan business centre , Manhattan hotel, somerset grand citra hotel , ITC kuningan and many more office building. maps

Facilities apartment : swimming pool , fitness centre, garden , mini market , etc. Bila ada pemilik unit lainnya mau titip jual sewa mohon info edy no hp seperti diatas , saya bantu cari client. thanks

Kuningan city apartment lease

Kuningan city apartment for lease

Kuningan city apartment for lease 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom , size 83 sqm , furnished , tower ubud , price USD $ 1800 per month.

Contact : edyzen(at)propertypilihan(dot)com or hp 0811192961 , 087881531238

Kuningan city apartment another name Denpasar Residence.

Address : Jl Prof Dr Satrio Kav 18 – Setiabudi Kuningan jakarta selatan 12940 – Indonesia.

Clik maps to see location

This apartment consist of 2 towers apartment : tower Ubud and Kintamani. And integrated with shopping mal, AXA office tower.

With use access card the residents can direct access to mal , parking area.

Facilities apartment : swimming pool , children playground, convenient lobby , etc

jual apartemen kuningan city

Jual apartemen kuningan city denpasar residence jakarta

Jual apartemen kuningan city atau denpasar residence

3 kamar tidur , luas 120 sqm , tower kintamani , harga jual Rp 2,8m , price for sale is two point eight billion IDR. sold

2 bedrooms , size 72 m2 , tower ubud , harga jual Rp 2m. sudah terjual

Contact person : edyzen hp 0811192961

Jual apartemen kuningan city fasilitas dan amenities

Kuningan city mempunyai 2 tower apartemen yaitu twr ubud dan kintamani.

Berdiri diatas mall dan penghuni apartemen dapat akses langsung to mol dengan access card.

Apartemen ini dilengkapi fasilitas mewah seperti kolam renang , lobby mewah , fitness , gym , jacuzzi , function room , barbeque area , business centre , laundry , parking area , security 24 hours.

Developer : Agung Podomoro Group

Terletak di jalan prof DR Satrio jakarta selatan , dekat kawasan terpadu mega kuningan , somerset grand citra , ciputra world , ITC kuningan , Ritz Carlton Hotel , etc.

jual apartemen kuningan city


kuningan city apartment rent

Kuningan city apartment rent residence for lease jakarta

Kuningan city apartment rent 1 bedroom , size 48 sqm , view to rasuna said , 2 air conditioner , 1 fridge , microwave , king size bed , washing machine , sofa , 42 inch plasma tv , balcony . Furnished by interior designer.

Price for rent is USD $ 1250 / month included maintenance fee.

To view the unit apartment , appointment with edyzen hp 0811192961 , 087881531238 or email edyzen (at) propertypilihan (dot) com

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