Kemang Village Residences Intercon Sale Jual

Kemang Village Residences tower Intercon for Sale luas 95,7 meter  tipe lt2-D lantai 22, harga Jual berkisar Rp 1,…  dengan finishing specification gold. unit Apartment ini mempunyai 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms , balcony, living room dan kitchen with glass wall, unit sudut.  listrik 4400 watt .

Kemang Village Residences tower Intercon untuk unit Apartemen ini dapat juga dibeli dgan harga Jual +- Rp 1,…… dgn finishing specification ready to fit .

Kemang Village Residences lokasi di jalan p antasari Jakarta Selatan . ada juga 3 bedrooms ls 165,5 sqm di tower tiffany silahkan clik Kemang Village Residences

denah unit 95,7 m kemang village

tower intercon kemang village

master plan kemang village

 Kemang Village Residences  intercon

finishing specification                                gold                                         ready to fit

wall between unit      . painted plaster on lightweight concrete     . unpainted

wall betwn unt                                                                                          unplastered

tembok bween unt                                                                        lightweight concrete


tembok inside unit              .painted gypsum wall for all room (living,          . no wal

wal  dalam unt               dining,bedrm,kitchen, storage)

wal didalam uit              . high quality ceramic tiles for bathrooms              . no tembo

wall didlm un                 .tempered glass sliding door for den                        . n’t proided


floor                          . luxurious 60 x60 homogenous tiles                    . concrete flooring

flor                            (living, dinin,bedr, kitchn,gudang)

floo                         . high quality ceramic tiles for bathrm                     . not provided

ltn                           .kualitas tinggi ceramic tiles utk servise yard               .no prvided


wares and fitting      .contemporary sanitary wares & fitting in all      . tap only

wars   n fittin         bathr  dengan 3 fixtures

wres  &  fiting       . bath tub at all corner unit master bedroom              . hanya tap

ware & fittng         .luxurious marble vanity top                                          . not provded


kitchen                   . high quality marble counter top                        . n’t provided

kitchn                    . good qualiti ceramic tiles back splash wall      . n’t provide

kichen                     ( where applicable)

kitcen                    .single bowl stainless steel sink                             .not provied

kitche                     .glass partition at all corner unit                         . n’t provied


ceiling                   .gypsum board with painted finishing                        .n’t provied


communication &       . at living rooms &master bedroom                   .installation

tech set up ( telephone,                                                                                at distribution

cable tv,broadband                                                                                          point

high speed internet


room doors               . contemporary laminated hollow core            . tidak disediakan


water heater            . installation at kitchen and all bathrooms      .tdk disiapkan

wate h                        except maid bathroom


air conditioner       . installation at living area and all bedrooms   . gak ada


general specification  ( applicable for all options ) Kemang Village Residences  Intercon

main entrance door      : secure solid timber

window                           : expansive full tinted glass window

balcony                           : high quality ceramic tile flooring and stylish steel plate railing

garbage disposal           : centralized  garbage chute system

electricity                       : 2200 watt utk suite, 4400 w utk 2 kmr tdr, 6600 w utk 3

bedrooms, 8800 wat fur 4 bedr

parking provision        : unlimited parking membership

security                         : 24 hours security with tv surveilance

intercom                       : audio ( upgradeable infrastructure for audio )

floor to flor height   :  3.2 m  (typical)

Banyak sekali fasilitas di Kemang Village Residences diantaranya :

Kemang Village country club

Kemang Village recreation park

Kemang Village grand fountain

hotel bintang lima JW Marriott

contact person : edyzen hp 08111 92961  ,  08788 1531238

email : edyzen AT propertypilihan DOT com

Apabila ada pemilik unit apartemen berminat titip jual / sewa mohon hub edyzen di no hp diatas , saya berharap dapat membantu bapak ibu. Terima kasih ya.


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  1. Jeff & Ivita Thomson Avatar
    Jeff & Ivita Thomson

    Would like to make an appointment to visit Saturday afternoon mobile phone number 62 812 768

  2. poppy Avatar

    Unit nya masih available?kalau iya berapa harga jual dan ada type unit apa lagi.



  3. Indra Avatar

    Mohon informasi apakah ada unit yang available untuk dijual di Kemang Village, lantai 1-12 berikut harga jualnya.
    Terima kasih.

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